SSG-PS-024 Bianca’s Inescapable Scissors

SSG-PS-024 Bianca’s Inescapable Scissors   Cute blonde Feebee meets Bianca for the first time and the end result for Feebee was not a very pleasant one. Bianca has only minimal training but her scissors were on point. Feebee gets caught over and over in her thick thighs and is forced to tap repeatedly. Bianca put Feebee into some very compromising positions folding Feebee into a pretzel, all the while putting the hurt on. Feebee turns the tables and manages to score some decent scissors herself, but for the most part was unable to over power Bianca. With seated scissors, reverse straight leg, and forward scissors, Feebee was in trouble. This is a cool set of pics with two smoking hot girls battling it out, scissor style.