SSG-PS-001 Brutal Jean Squeeze

SSG-PS-001 Brutal Jean Squeeze  Watch the talented and skilled Arianne in her scissor supremacy match against chadam. She has on skin tight jeans and MMA gloves for added effect. Chadam wished he didn’t even step foot on the mats after this scissor beating. Arianne’s scissors are tight, strong and she is ruthless. She crushes his throat, does standing scissors that have him almost out, and straight leg ones that have him nearly begging for mercy. Arianne is not about giving mercy, she is about dominating and humiliating with her head scissors. More and more as she goes, the stronger and more intense her scissor became. Jusging by the look on his face, he would rather be anywhere but stuck in her thighs.  By the end of this scissor session, chadam was left practically lifeless on the mats. If you love girls in tight jeans doing headscissors then these pics are up for grabs right now!! Don’t hesitate to get them, all in hi res.