SSG-VC-228 Eves Headscissor Dreams

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-228 Eves Headscissor Dreams



SSG-VC-228 Eves Headscissor Dreams Eve is challenged by the much larger and taller Sage. Now Sage does not have the experience that Eve has, but she makes up for it with power and the ability to fight pain. Eve puts Sage through an orchestrated set of scissors that actually have Sage writhing in pain. Eve is very tough, but Sage fights on. Once Eve puts on her few different scissors, then it’s Savage Sage’s turn to dish out some punishment. She uses a reverse figure four that crumples Eve’s face, and a reverse straight leg that has her head buried deep in her thighs, her face in her ass. Sage was determined to show Eve what her scissors were all about, and when she applied her last scissor, which was a reverse straight leg she amped up the power. Eve was really fighting back near tears as Sage’s powerful thighs gripped her head, Sage showing no remorse now. Eve was tapping out, but Sage just cranked it up until Eve went out. Sage is trying to climb up the ranks and what better way than to take on tough girl Eve and put her out. Was that a rookie mistake? Eve is no push over and will be coming back again after Sage for a rematch.


SSG-VC-228 Eves Scissor Dreams.