SSG-VC-182 Petite Squeeze Queen

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-182 Petite Squeeze Queen

SSG-VC-182 Petite Squeeze Queen  Aubrey is back at it again, showing why she is the queen of scissors. Her thighs are muscular, and full of raw power, perfect for squeezing. Chadam finds himself being trapped in ample scissors ranging from reverse to seated, to straight leg scissors. Once Aubrey locks on those mammoth thighs, there is no escape. As they begin, she jumps over top of him and locks on a unique reverse figure four as her body is draped over him backwards. This scissor gets an easy fast tap, as it is extremely painful and all the pressure and her weight is around his neck.  Aubrey actually latches onto chadam, and moves herself directly in front of him, not releasing the scissor and ends up in a forward handstand scissor now. Aubrey gets a few taps from that hold, releases it then quickly gets behind him securing a rear naked chokehold now. Aubrey squeezes so hard chadam looks as though he is drifting off, then she simply tosses him to the mats. She mounts him in a schoolgirl pin, then easily transitions into a cross body pin that she converts to a crucifix arm choke. Chadam struggles intensely to get out but is completely trapped. Aubrey uses this to her advantage jumping into a reverse pin ramming his chin into her ass. She then sets up for her infamous reverse figure four smothering headscissor. Once that was locked into place she simply leans back burying his face in her ass adding immense pressure making him tap. Aubrey grabs her Gi belt and wraps it around her legs allowing her to rock back and fourth easier on his face. You can hear the moans and frantic shouts of pain coming from chadam as they get muffled in her ass. This is Aubrey’s favorite hold as she uses this for quite some time making sure chadam is good and weak from it. She pulls the gi belt out from his legs and actually whips him twice in the balls with it. Aubrey pulls off her Gi jacket, and locks her ankles on either side of chadam’s head. She uses her ass to smother him while pushing back on him with all her weight, literally squishing his face in her ass. she spins into forward keeping him pinned tight the mats as she verbally taunts and humiliates him. Chadam tries to escape but seemingly just can’t muster up the strength to do so. She uses his own arm to choke himself with putting it across his throat and pressing down.  His face fills with pain as he cringes from it. Aubrey then pulls his face tight into her crotch and rolls to her back. She now has a straight leg scissor on and begins to torment him by squeezing. She rolls to her side and keeps the scissor on getting taps before rolling back on top of him again. Aubrey pins him as she becomes irate trying to get out, frustration levels now rising. Seeing his attempts to escape, Aubrey grabs his arm, and falls to her side putting on an armbar headscissor cranking his arm. she kept the hold on so tight we wondered if he would go out first, or his arm would break. By this point chadam had no fight left, it was all squeezed out of him. Aubrey sits in reverse, grabs her gi belt one last time and whips him a few more times in the balls before face sitting him. Chadam taps constantly but Aubrey barely lifts up not giving him any air at all. His taps came faster and faster, face turning more and more red, as she sits up straight all her weight bearing down on his face. Chadam finally stops fighting and is completely out. Aubrey then grabs the belt again and gives him one last good snap with it in his balls. She turns and gets into a forward pin, flexing her chiseled bicep muscles saying “Aubrey wins” as chadam lay out beneath her. What a cruel little vixen, who shows no remorse for the damage she causes on the mats.


SSG-VC-182 Petite Squeeze Queen.

  1. arnold says:

    I have to say, out of al the videos I have seen so far with Aubrey I really really liked this one. When she tucks her leg behind his head then smothers the daylights out of him is awesome…..Her ass is perfect for burying the faces of her victims in. I am not a huge fan of gym shorts, but somehow Aubrey made them work in this video. looking forward to more intense smotheirng from this sexy doll.

  2. john says:

    Aubrey has the most perfect toned legs and butt. She is fun to watch as she dishes out pain and does not even care. She is one of the top wrestlers I have watched and is my favorite by far hands down. Aubrey you have a life long fan here!!- thanks john.

  3. flipper72 says:

    one of aubreys best so far, love those shorts on her perfect for smothering her victims, just wish she was smothering me out in a reverse fig 4 headscissor, one day maybe, until the next video.

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