SSG-VC-171 Camo Scissor KO Goddess

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-171 Camo Scissor KO Goddess

SSG-VC-171 Camo Scissor Goddess  Well Aubrey hits the mats today dressed in her camo spandex pants and is preparing to do what she loves, scissor and humiliate. Chadam is her victim of choice, Aubrey might be small but she is fierce, and extremely powerful. Right from the start, Aubrey pulls chadam down by the hair, climbing over his shoulders and gets him into a scissor. She gets 3 taps within 10 seconds, then acrobatically she swings herself around so she is face down, her legs still intertwined around his neck. She does a straight leg, Then converts it to a smothering figure four, all the while holding herself up in a near handstand. Aubrey then cranks his neck sideways causing them to fall keeping the scissor on tightly. He makes the mistake of calling her a bitch, then Aubrey really unleashes.  You can see her thigh muscles tense up as Chadam is heard choking and barely able to breathe. His next few taps she ignores, as panic sets in in his eyes. Aubrey was going to teach him a lesson in manners, via squeezing. Each time she ignores his taps, he was barely able to stay conscious, and he actually went out. Her face had an evil little grin, as Aubrey LOVES to KO him. She drags him on the mats, then jumps on top in a schoolgirl pin, waiting for him to come to. She pulls his head high into her thighs squeezing, then dropping him back to the mats. Aubrey with superb skill and speed, jumps into reverse. She is going to put on her famous reverse seated figure four smother scissor. You can see her wiggle her legs back and fourth, tightening the hold drastically around his neck. Aubrey then lowers down and his face, burying it in her perfectly shaped toned ass while scissoring him. Unfortunately for him, the hold proves to be too much and again he is put out by his smaller yet stronger dominatrix. Aubrey waits for him to come around, and slaps his face, and wasted no time putting on another smothering figure four. She converts that to a straight leg,  and applies so much pressure , yep he goes out. She said to him “my your a weak one today” as she climbs on him in forward. she pins him in a tight schoolgirl pin, and says “i’m not done with you yet, come on lets go, fight me”. She scoops his head up and rolls onto her back, chadam on his stomach. Aubrey showed no signs of slowing down, or remorse for that matter. She uses her straight leg scissor, then switches to a forward smothering figure four. Her legs are so powerful, it was not long before she made chadam drift off again. He was not out too long this one, as she released the scissor a bit quicker. Once he was semi awake, on came the straight leg scissor. It was not long after that she had him go out another time. Near back to back KO’s, Aubrey was delivering intense scissorholds. She rolls him onto his back, and when he came to, she toys with him, humiliating him, and sat on him in reverse and said “look at the camera and tell them your a loser”. He mumbled it, and she yells out “say it louder”. After taunting him, she asked him “do you know whats coming next?, the one you hate the most”. Aubrey positions herself in a smothering figure four, arching her back to add even more pressure to the scissor. Unfortunately for him, Aubrey held the scissor, and with his face rammed in her ass, he could not breathe, and the pressure around his neck was too much. Chadam goes out for like the 5th or 6th time. She sits on him in reverse rubbing her ass in his face telling him to wake up. Aubrey then says “tell everyone who is winning”, as chadam said “aubrey is winning”. She sits on him in forward, then gets off and tells him to get to his knees as she drags him up by his hair. She stands over him facing backwards, then climbs on him putting him in a reverse straight leg, while he is on his hands and knees. He can barely hold himself up as Aubrey squeezes the life from him, literally. Aubrey then applies a figure four, her calf jammed right on his throat and falls to the side using a knotted figure four. In an instant she extends her legs out straight, and within seconds he was out. She stands up slamming her foot down on his chest, and as he comes to she was yelling at him, saying “tell everyone who won”, as he could barely comprehend anything, mumbles Aubrey. She stands valiantly over his beaten body, flexing her rippling muscles on her perfectly tanned body. This is one dangerous girl, and a force not to be messed with.


SSG-VC-171 Camo Scissor Goddess.

One Comment
  1. arnold says:

    simply amazing!!! all of aubreys scissors end on perfect smotherss. It looks like she enjoys putting peoples faces in her ass and hurting them and squeezing them at same time WOW. the pants look painted on super tight it makes her ass look perfect in them. she is very talented and strong Team Aubrey!!

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