SSG-VC-170 Sleepy Time Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-170 Sleepy Time Scissors

SSG-VC-170 Sleepy Time Scissors  Here is an excellent opportunity to watch two powerful woman battle it out on the mats in a scissors only match. Sarah Brooke is strong, sexy and lean. Arianne is also sexy, powerful and can dish out serious punishment. This match showcases both girls’ skills as they clamp on scissor after scissor, both opponents scoring some serious points. You will witness neck crushing figure fours, straight leg, knotted scissors and many more. Sarah has many years in the business, while Arianne only has a couple and this starts to show. Sarah is breaking down Arianne scissor by scissor, and Arianne is defending herself just the same. Arianne manages to extract quite a few awesome scissor taps from Sarah, but Sarah is on a whole other level. This match was semi competitive as shrieks of pain echoed in the room. Arianne found herself trapped in a very tight headscissor, her face literally crammed into Sarah’s ass as she squeezed with force, making Arianne’s face quite red and wincing in dire pain. You can see that Arianne fought as hard as she could and became stubborn, which lead to her downfall of the match. Unfortunately for Arianne Sarah ends her with a scissor KO. These two season scissor vets really put all their might into this match. Sarah sat up in a reverse pin displaying her sexy muscles as Arianne was coming to. Sarah wanted to make sure Arianne remembered this for months to come and she covered Arianne nose and mouth with her hand, smothering her. Arianne was barely conscious when she did this, and she drifted right back off again. Sarah really put the hurt on Arianne, humiliating her and showing everyone why she is the best.


SSG-VC-170 Sleepy Time Scissors.