SSG-VC-125 Neck Pressure Scissors


SSG-VC-125 Neck Pressure Scissors  In this clip Bella gives Maxxi a dose of what it’s like to be trapped in her scissorhold. the clip sways back and fourth with each girl exchanging scissors, but to Bella’s surprise, Maxxi is much tougher than she looks. When Bella uses her infamous reverse figure four, Maxxi does not tap. She even cranks on the pressure, and still no tap. Maxxi can certainly take a lot as Bella is unable to get a single tap. Bella has to revert to using side scissors, and trach scissors to get Maxxi to tap. Maxxi certainly counters with her own headscissors, and has Bella turning shades of purple, but gets quite a few taps from her. By the end, Maxxi was dominating and over powered her smaller more aggressive opponent and nearly scissors her out cold.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-125 Neck Pressure Scissors


SSG-VC-125 Neck Pressure Scissors.