SSG-VC-076 Locked In Leather

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SSG-VC-076 Locked In Leather Paige was tested today by Ariel in a scissor match. Ariel certainly was not ready to do battle with Paige’s legs of steel. Paige was dressed in her super hot cheetah style leather pants, ready to lock those thighs around Ariel’s neck over and over. clearly Ariel showed signs of distress almost instantly as Paige squeezes her. Paige utilizes multiple scissor holds, including her famous reverse figure four. Ariel was squeezed repeatedly, her face turning multiple shades of red. When all said and done, Paige rolls Ariel onto her stomach and locks her legs around Ariel’s head in a unique style scissor, that has Ariel practically choking. Ariel won’t be testing Paige’s awesome leg power anymore.

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