SSG-PS-063 Mia’s Scissor Troubles

SSG-PS-063 Mia’s Scissor Troubles These pics are awesome, to say the least. They showcase the sheer strength and power that Bella possesses when it comes to scissors. Bella will stop at nothing to make sure that she inflicts maximum pain on her victims. Mia can certainly withstand alot of pain, but Bella breaks down her barrier with bone crunching, neck crushing headscissors. Bella combines her scissors with triangle chokes, and uses alot of knotted scissors. No matter which way Mia moved to try and escape she wound up right back between Bella’s thighs. Eventually Mia was left with no choice but to obviously submit to her overpowering younger opponent. Not something that Mia wanted to do, but either she gives up and submits, or she can easily take a nap. We all know that Bella is fully capable of easily sending any of her adversaries to sleep.


One Comment
  1. Lele says:

    Bella is beautiful and dominant. Mia is just a poor pathetic ugly loser.
    Very good!!!!