SSG-PS-004 Bella Paige spandex

SSG-PS-004 Bella Paige spandex  Here is some of Bella’s earlier clips and pics from them. She had the pleasure and of course the pain of facing off against the rock solid Paige. Not the first competitor you would want to go against especially with head scissors. Bella got to feel just what the pain and suffering was like through the thighs of Paige. Paige’s burst of strength made Bella cringe in pain. Bella even teared up in a few of the head scissors. You can tell she did not enjoy being trapped in Paige’s tanned muscular thighs. She certainly put the hurt on little Bella. We think this was Bella’s turning point into making her as ruthless as she is today. With Paige dishing out reverse, forward and figure fours, Bella did what she could to return the favor. She had her chance to retaliate against Paige in another match. And she did everything she could to make Paige suffer.