SSG-PS-009 Pam vs Bella Scissor Mayhem

SSG-PS-009 Pam vs Bella Scissor Mayhem   This photoset features a variety of scissors from a mixture of Bella and Pam’s previous matches. Bella is set on proving to other girls who may be larger than her, that she has what it takes to play in the big leagues. There were a few moments you can see Pam on top, but Bella had her under control in her scissors instead. This was quite the close call in terms of who scored the most scissors judging by just these pics. It seemed fairly even between these two, but Bella held her own. She manages to get Pam trapped in quite a few python like scissors, making it very uncomfortable for Pam. Even while Pam tried to escape and stand up, Bella was still locked on tight not letting go of her head scissor.