SSG-VC-086 – Agatha’s Deadly Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-086 - Agatha's Deadly Scissors

photoset SSG-VC-086 - Agatha's Deadly Scissors


SSG-VC-086 member clip.


SSG-VC-086 – Agatha’s Deadly Scissors  Agatha is trying out to become a CPL wrestler and is auditioning. Chadam says she is too skinny and there is no way that she could do anything, let alone scissors. She makes a bet with him, if she is able to KO him, it’s an extra $100, if he is able to escape, she pays him double. Chadam happily agreed. Agatha then crawls over him and does a twerking “dance” that she refers to the dance of d$eth. Chadam laughs and thinks it’s a joke. Agatha proceeds to sit on his throat in reverse, then gets him into a reverse headscissor. As she squeezes, chadam actually panics and taps out. When he tapped, he notices an oily substance on her legs, and says “what is this all over your legs?”. Agatha says it’s her poison, and every time you breath it in or touch it you become weaker, until you are paralyzed. Chadam now says that is unfair and tries even harder now to escape. Agatha switches from scissor to scissor, slowly weakening chadam. Agatha locks her scissors on so tight, he actually goes out a few times in the match, all the while becoming weak.  There was no hope for chadam as Agatha dominates him entirely, watching him fade away in her scissors. With no escape, Agatha locks on a tight reverse headscissors and snaps his neck, ending it all for him, making her victorious.


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