SSG-PS-059 Bella Arianne vs Chadam – Gallery

SSG-PS-059 Bella Arianne vs Chadam In this great photoset both Arianne and Bella challenge Chadam to a scissor contest. They both lock themselves in a dual scissor and whoever does not tap out first, gets to go against chadam first. Arianne wins the dual and she locks her thighs around his neck ready to inflict pain. Each girl has 2 minutes to punish him with their most brutal scissors. Arianne uses her seated scissors, her neck crushing standing ones, and Bella uses her straight legged ones. Chadam has not ever endured such domination by scissors simultaneously by these girls. They even get involved together as one girls squeezes the other point and laugh at him. His facial expressions show all too well that he could take the scissors they were dishing out. Neither Arianne, nor Bella went light. Their leg muscles rippled as they gripped his neck in their thighs. His face turned a dark red, almost purple from the squeezing.