SSG-PS-021 Bella’s Brutal Scissors

SSG-PS-021 Bella’s Brutal Scissors   Mia is a lover of pain, and what girl is better to dish it out than Bella. Dressed in her skin tight spandex Bella goes to town working Mia over with her scissors. Bella knows that Mia can take a lot of pain, but wants to push her past her threshold. And she did just that. With contorted scissors, and creative reverse headscissors she pushes Mia past her breaking point, making her tap quite a few times. Bella was not finished there, with loads more of head scissors in store she was just beginning. Bella clamps on some jaw crushing scissors, which we are surprised she never dislocated Mia’s jaw. Figure fours so tight Mia was literally blacking out, straight legged scissors that had Mia squirming for her life. Bella was ruthless with her scissors and Mia was in serious pain after this.