SSG-PS-022 Amazon Scissor Trap

SSG-PS-022 Amazon Scissor Trap  Bella finally gets her chance to take out her much desired revenge on the taller amazon Cynara. Now Cynara gets to feel first hand the absolute power that Bella’s legs possess. It does not take long for Cynara to see that she may have regretted taking Bella on in a scissor challenge. Her face shows just the pain and suffering that Bella was dishing out. With trach chokes, reverse figure fours and more, Cynara is breaking down fast. It is more than obvious that Cynara can’t take very much when it comes to being head scissored. Bella also uses her famous reverse fig four, locking Cynara’s head in nice and tight, wanting to put her out, but doesn’t. Her straight leg scissors are just as damaging. Cynara may think twice now after this. Bella glares with sadism written all over her face as she looks down at Cynara trapped in her thighs, knowing that she is hurting her, and not even caring.