SSG-PS-029 Wenona The Headcrusher

SSG-PS-029 Wenona The Headcrusher  Wenona took on Mariella and Paige and the outcome was quite spectacular. Wenona is skilled with her holds, but when she went against Paige she got a taste of her own medicine. Paige wanted to rip her head off with her scissors to pay her back for being trapped in scissors herself. Paige uses seated and straight legged scissors to crush the hell out of Wenona making her pay. Wenona was on the counter and fired back at Paige. It took quite a bit of force and pressure to finally make Paige tap out though, showing Wenona was not as strong as she thought she was.  Mariella seemed to be an easier target for Wenona to go after. Mariella suffered greatly at the hands of this chick, no matter how hard she tried to defend herself. This set has loads of top notch scissor pics to go through and add to your collection.