SSG-VC-226 Headscissor Fury

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-226 Headscissor Fury



SSG-VC-226 Headscissor Fury  Aubrey looks cute and innocent before she begins, even playing around. But once the countdown hits 3, her animal instincts kick in. Aubrey literally just catches chadam off guard, shoves him to the mats, then drags him. She then jumps on top and starts working him over with head scissors. Rolling onto her back his head is trapped perfectly between her thighs as she squeezes. Chadam lets out a weird yelp then quickly taps. Aubrey is no stranger to dishing out pain and punishment, in fact she thoroughly enjoys it. She puts on a display of multiple scissors, and throws in forward and reverse facesits just to assert her dominance and to wear him down even quicker. Aubrey uses her signature reverse figure four knotted head scissor smother facesit, one that is most painful as chadam is engulfed in her ass and thighs, suffering. She also likes to trash talk and belittle him all the while making him suffer either between her rock hard thighs, or under her ass. Her side headscissor is quite effective as she locks his head tightly against her crotch, thighs wrapped around his head, and and arm bar as well. She uses a seated scissor contorting his arms in there as well keeping them pinned high above his head, usable to use them to even escape. Aubrey uses a reverse facesit to wind, him, switches to a figure four, then straight leg head scissor to finish him off. We are pretty sure he went out at the end or was very close to it, but Aubrey did not care one bit. She got off him and stood on his chest with both feet and all her weight and pulls off a sexy flex for the camera.


SSG-VC-226 Headscissor Fury.

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