SSG-VC-058 Staircase Squeeze


joinnow SSG-VC-058 Staircase Squeeze
SSG-VC-058 Staircase Squeeze  Mariella and chadam are room mates and chadam is always working out around the house where ever he pleases. This time he is blocking the stairway and Mariella wants to get by. Since chadam won’t move she is going to make him suffer instead. Dressed in her nylons, and high heels, she wraps her powerful legs around his head. Now he can feel the wrath of Mariella’s legs and how dangerous they are. His face turns multiple shades of deep dark colors, as she squeezes the life from him. To further humiliate him, she also grabs the back of his head and forces his face into her crotch smothering him. Mariella was mean, and cruel throughout this whole clip, not even wanting to let him breathe. Guess chadam will move out of her way next time.




SSG-VC-058 member clip.