SSG-VC-048 Scissor Blackout


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SSG-VC-048 Scissor Blackout Cynara was met with alot of resistance in this scissor battle with Mia. Mia surprised Cynara by trapping her in some good and painful scissors. The pain all over Cynara’s face as Mia locked her thighs around her neck were evident. she certainly had her work cut out for her if she was going to beat and destroy Mia. The back and fourth scissors flew between each girl, each one gaining multiple tap outs. This was an epic back and fourth match both using all their leg power to squeeze submissions. Mia was running out of steam though, and Cynara jumped at the opportunity now  to totally wipe out Mia once and for all. She had Mia in a straight legged scissor, but Mia was practically upside down, unable to roll out or defend herself. She knew she was in serious trouble now, as Cynara locked on her last scissor and squeezed with full power. Mia had no chance for escaping, and she ended up going out, as Cynara poses over her now beaten and limp body.


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