SSG-VC-047 Katrina’s POV Suffering


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SSG-VC-047 Katrina’s POV Suffering   Mariella has legs of steel and loves to punish her female victims. This time you get a clear view of Katrina suffering between her thighs as Mariella gives you a POV shot of the whole match. Mariella has Katrina trapped with no where to go, and now will be punished. Katrina’s face turns instantly red from Mareilla’s scissors, and is left gasping quite a few times. To make things even more interesting for Mariella, she also grabs Katrina by the back of the head and pulls her face deep into her pussy, all the while squeezing. Mariella could not have spent a better time with a girl trapped between her legs, getting a first hand glimpse into the pain and punishment Katrina endured.



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