SSG-VC-046 Black and White Scissor War


joinnow SSG-VC-046 Black and White Scissor War

This match has 2 experienced girls going at one another in a headscissor battle. A-Low Cat is quick, and Arianne has lethal scissors. A-Low excels quickly at trapping Arianne in her scissors, and certainly begins to overpower and dominate her. No matter which way Arianne went, A-Low was right there, wrapping her muscular black thighs around Arianne’s neck. Pain and frustration sets in now, as Arianne is tapping out more than she wanted to. With her head stuck between A-low’s thighs, or her face practically rammed into A-Low’s ass, Arianne thought she was finished. Just as it seemed there was no hope, Arianne caught A-Low slipping up. Now Arianne turns the tables on A-Low. Her white creamy thighs are now locked around A-Low’s throat as she pours on the pressure now. Arianne then sets her up, and gets her into a stunning figure four headscissor. The scissor was so tight, it had A-Low practically fighting for her life to escape from. Did Arianne bring the pain enough to make A-Low quit? Or did A-Low manage to break free? Check this clip out and see for yourself. Full version for sale.

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