SSG-VC-043 Bella’s Scissor Drama


joinnow SSG-VC-043 Bella's Scissor Drama
SSG-VC-043 Bella’s Scissor Drama  Bella performs her scissor holds on Arianne in this clip. She is on point with each squeeze, making Arianne tap out from such strong thighs. Bella does an array of scissors, from forward to reverse, figure fours, smothering scissors and some pretty creative scissors that are effective. You can see the pain written all over Arianne’s face, as Bella closes the gap around her head, slowly tightening her grip. Arianne grabs Bella’s ass in a lot of the scissors hoping to pry her legs apart and loosen the pressure around her neck. This was a good test on Arianne to see how much she could take, and to test Bella’s phenomenal squeeze power.




SSG-VC-043 member clip.