SSG-VC-016- Arianne vs Summer in: The Scissor Exchange K.O.


SSG-VC-016- Arianne vs Summer in: The Scissor Exchange K.O.  Summer takes on CPL vet, Arianne in a scissor contest. Summer is a tough brunette, but Arianne has powerful scissors that can easily crush any opponent once she locks their head between her thighs. the tanned sensation Summer gives Arianne a good run for her money as well. Arianne finds herself at the mercy of Summer’s thigh power and taps in surprise, not knowing she packed that kind of strength. Summer clamps on some wicked straight leg scissors that has Arianne tapping rather quickly. But Arianne retaliates back with some of her own, including her rolling side scissor that makes ANYONE tap. Summer was no exception here. they go back and fourth delivering scissor after scissor, now it comes down to utter endurance. Summer catches Arianne off guard and locks on brutal bodyscissors that have Arianne squirming in pain. They both begin to show signs of fatigue, and Arianne mounts Summer in reverse getting on her reverse headscissors. She now applies pressure constantly, feeling Summer tap out, only to ignore it. The taps become lighter and lighter until Summer’s hands and arms fall to the mat, now out. Arianne spins around sitting on top of Summer chest flexing and posing.




Rates : 0