SSG-VC-004- Rosalei vs Arianne- Scissored In Spandex

SSG-VC-004- Rosalei vs Arianne- Scissored In Spandex   Arianne and Rosalei both hit the mats dressed in neon colored spandex both top and bottom. The colors were contrasting to one another, but both girls were on the same mission. Arianne knew that going head to head with Rosalei was going to be tough but couldn’t back down from her. Rosalei certainly put the hurt on Arianne, and with her choices of scissors it was no wonder why Arianne was getting destroyed. Arianne found herself trapped more times than she liked, having to tap and submit more than a hanful of times. Once Rosalei has her victim in her scissors, there is usually no escape. You either tap out, or go out, your choice. By the end of this match though, Arianne was hurting, her neck took a thrashing, and she was dizzy. Stuck in Rosalei’s reverse straight leg scissor, her face was practically buried in Rosalei’s ass, and muffled that she finally quits.




Rates : 0