SSG-057 Cynara’s Sinister Scissors


joinnow SSG-057 Cynara's Sinister Scissors
SSG-057 Cynara’s Sinister Scissors Cynara came out dressed in an astonishing outfit. She had on 6 inch just above the knee leather boots on, and a vintage cabaret girl outfit to match. With these heels on Cynara towered over Sam standing at 6’7. She decided to do a series of different style scissors and torture Sam with each one. Her first scissor was a standing forward headscissor. Sam instantly felt the pressure around her neck, and also having to support Cynara’s weight on her shoulders as well. Cynara held nothing back as she squeezed Sam’s neck over and over, pulling on her hair to inflict even more pain. Sam has to do whatever she can to endure 2-3 min in each hold, and sometimes that doesn’t work out in her favor. Cynara’s next scissors are her straight leg forward and reverse. You can easily tell that Sam was not enjoying all the pain and humiliation that Cynara was causing, but Cynara certainly enjoyed every second of it. There were a few times in the scissors that Sam actually was begging to be released, coughing, and tearing up. Cynara’s final scissor was the most epic one of all. Both Cynara and Sam lay on their stomach’s while Cynara backs her ass up right into Sam’s face, putting her long legs up over her shoulders. This scissor proved to be the best one of all, as Sam fought as hard as she could to stay conscious, and with Cynara squeezing hard cutting off Sam’s airflow, she ended up going out. That left Sam laying in dreamland her face resting on Cynara’s ass, while Cynara shows the camera her ultimate muscle flex.

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